The Spa of Kallithea 

  Rhodes Greece Kallithea Municipality ,  Faliraki Beach resort


Kallithea ,located in Rhodes Island ,Near by Faliraki Beach ,Only 2-3 km from THE water park   kallithea Rhodos Griechenland

    At Kalithea bay the Italian spa Facilites ,the exotic Vegetation and the sea are combined to a picture coming  right from the cinema .The Kalithea spa  Building complex  is a distinguisshed Cultural Monument

kalithea Rodi Grecia  

Kallthea ,Iamatic spa ,10 km from the city of Rhodes

  The spas was operational until just a few years ago .and there are plans to reopen it in the future  .Relax in calm waters of the picturesque bay or explore it's fascinating under water world by scuba-diving classes ,or simply hiring a mask 


The beach of Kallithea

Scupa diving in Kallithea

the plums in Kallithe  spa

   Around greater Kallithea there are many small ,quiet beaches where you can enjoy  the tranquility  of the sea and the bright sun

Relax  swim   to the Crystal Kalithea small beach

Kallithea Photo Gallery


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