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   Rhodos island in Dodecanece islands in Aegean Sea in Greece

The Beach of  Prassonissi  Beach The paradise for surfers,


  A view from Prasonisi  Beach

Everybody is surfing!

           Waves to the right, calm sea and shelter from the wind to the left-and surfers everywhere!

      One of the most impressive beaches on the island, at its southernmost end.

        Two sandy coves ending in an island, that you can reach on foot or by swimming, depending on the weather and the level of the water. This is a paradise for surfers, especially in July and August when the meltemi winds set in.

 There are surfboards and wetsuits for hire, but most people come down to the beach with their own equipment. It's worth a visit even if you're not a surfer yourself, just to enjoy the magnificent landscape and admire the skill of the  wind surfers.

     All the houses offering rented rooms also operate their own tavernas.  You can see many  Locals enjoy their ouzo around the tavernas  and watch the crowds.

Prassonossi Beach located:

92  km from Rhodes town     

40 Km from Lindos 


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