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  Travel Guide  for   Dodecanese &  Greek Islands

Halki  island

Sea your dreams come true by taking a cruise to the Greek Islands
        Halki  island       A Former sponge  diving centre, Halki  was hit  by the economic crisis at the beginning of the 20th century and declined ,as did many other islands of the Dodecanese. In the last few years  tourism  has  begun to develop ,bringing life to the island again

   Emporio ,is the only community  on the island ,with  grand  Houses  and  a picturesque  water front  offering  fresh fish. Both  deserted  Horio  and the knights ' castle  are well visiting.


  In the island of Halki you can find a Few Hotels, Rooms to let, & vacation rentals apartments .

Transport: From Rhodes island by boat from Kamiros  harbor or from Mandraki harbor from the city of Rhodos


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