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SYMI  ISLAND Sea your dreams come true by taking a cruise to the Greek Islands

accommodation in Symi ,SIMI Greek island ISOLA DI SIMI Grecia Griechenland,Griekenland

Historical   interest  . Picturesque . Relax.

              SYMI  Just 23 miles north of Rhodes Town is one of most picturesque of all the Greek islands.

  Pastel -coloured houses  tumbling down the hillside to the harbour, wild  herbs,the smell of freshly caught fish grilling over charcoal ,small fishing boats, and a maze of colourful marrow streets.  

        Symi town lies at the end of a horseshoe  shaped harbour  and is split into tow parts . The harbour  of Yialos with it's selection of shops and stalls, which come to life when  the day-tripersinvade. Avoid the crowds by catching

a small caique to a more more secluded beach. Peace returns once the excursion boats have departed ,when the harbour becomes the perfect setting to enjoy a meal in one of the tavernas.

     Nestling high above the harbor is CHORIO ,a traditional village almost untouched by tourism. From there the road snakes down to PEDI with it's a small sandy beach.coupled tavernas and bars,well worth the fifteen minute walk from Chorio.An expereince not to be missed is "the Bus" which regularly weary walkers up to Chorio ,chatters down to Pedi and comes back aigain or you can use one of the islands few taxis



    The Begining of the century Simi had an economical rising. The main product was picking sea sponges. The 30000 inhabitants where also able to service  comfortably off this product because their market was spread all over the Mediterranean

   The beautiful beaches and the crystal sea ,some of the many natural beauties  of Simi .Other ports are Pedi which is a clam holiday resort,Marachounta,Nanou

and Panormos. In Panormitis There is A monastery,of Taxiarch Michael the Panormite,Which is representative of the art ,and civilization of the time. It features a wood-carved tempium ,Byzantine wall  frescoes an important library and a museum on it's premises.



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The photographs are from Mr Mark van de Gaag