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   Rhodos island in Dodecanece islands in Aegean Sea in Greece

Sights : Monte  Smith-Old Stadium -Theatre



                       The Hill of Monte Smith ,Marks the site of the Acropolis of ancient Rhodes.

       The Green and  beautifully  laid  out archaeological park contains the Hellenistic stadium,built in the 3rd century BC,Where the  Athletic events of the Alioi Games  took place.

         There were a part of the major festival of the Ancient Rhodians held in honoour  of the  god Ilios.



                 Next to the stadium is the small restored  marble Theatre .Just as in ancient times ,events

  are still staged  here today. On the  summit of the Acropolis stands the temple of  Pythion   Apollo ,the patron deity of the city. From here there is a panoramic view of the city of Rhodes and the sea,

 the  sunsets are breathtaking


          For a romantic evening stroll it's  difficult to beat Monte Smith with it's unsurpassed views over Ixia and across the The Turkish coast.Only a short walk from the ancient  acropolis of Rhodes, you can also  get  there by Bus or Taxi from Mandraki harbour of Rhodes .

       Monte Smith is named after Sir Sydney Smith, the British  Admiral observed the maneuvers of Napoleon's Egyptian fleet from here in 1802  



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