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   Rhodos island in Greece

The  Archeological  Museum  of   Rhodes


                      The Archaeological  Museum of Rhodes is housed in the Medieval Building of the Hospital of Knights.

It's a two floors  building ,with an internal Yard ,all four sides of which are lined with porticoes.

   In its six rooms and the Garden are exhibited  interesting  finds ,dating from all Periods  of the islands History. Objects which have come on during archaeological  excavations .

              The Most important of the exhibits  are ,the stele of Crito &Timarista 5th century BC ,The head of young athlete 4th century BC ,The funerary  stele of a dead warrior 2nd century,  The Beautiful statue of Aphrodite  bathing  1st century, The  marble Head of  Ilios 250-160 BC ,Headless status of Nymphs ,terracotta  statuettes ,a large Rhodian oinochoe of the 7th century BC.

          In the garden the visitor can see sculptures and funerary steles of the Hellenic period .The Museum atrium contains also various statues and fragments of funerary monuments. A floor  mosaic from Arkasa on Karpathos has been laid in the recess on the south side of the atrium and at the back of the recess stands a reconstruction of a tombstone in the from of a small temple, housing a  trophy.




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