Nane Kathara bay Holidays appartements
Location Faliraki Beach Rhodes island Greece


Air-condition -TV, parking ,Kitchenette

Cleaning Service ,Satellite TV

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Email andress
Telphone +30 6944307653 fax +302241087495

Nane Studios Maria Christina
Location Faliraki Beach Rhodes island Greece


Air-condition - parking ,Kitchenette

Cleaning Service

Web site
Email andress
Telphone +30 6944307653 fax +302241087495

Nane Violetta Hotel appartements
Location Faliraki Beach Rhodes island Greece


parking ,Kitchenette

Cleaning Service

Web site
Email andress
Telphone +302241085501 fax +302241087495


International Hotel Rhodos town .Central hotel
S-Nicolis Honeymoon suites Hotel in the old town  of Rhodes
Athena Hotel 4stars Rhodes  city  Center
Manousos Hotel Rhodes town open all year
MANGO ROOMS Pension, Cheap Hotel in the old town of Rhodos
Belvedere Hotel Rhodes town 4 stars Rhodes town  Greece
Mediterranean  hotel 4 stars superior Rodos city
Rhodes Beach Hotel   3 stars Rhodos Town


All Hotels  of RHODES  town 

Hotels of Rhodos  Municipality Greece

All Hotels of Rhodes Municipality Dodecanese  islands  3 stars Hotels  4 stars Hotels

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Hotels of Kolymbia RHODES ISLAND the sights Hotels of Lindos


C . Category hotels  of Rhodes, Rodos "Greek islands"Izola

N ame Ka Type Beds


location Municipality
ACHILLION C Hotels 86 Greece Rodos Rhodes
ADONIS C Hotel 26 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
AEGAION C Hotel 28 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
AEGLI C Hotel 69 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
AFRIKA C Hotel 146 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
ALS C Hotel 91 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
AMARYLLIS C Hotel 86 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
AMBASSANDER C Hotels 95 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
AQUA MARIN C Apartments 36 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
BUTTERFLY C Hotel 87 Griechenlant Rhodos Rhodes
ATLANTIS C Hotel 91 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
ASTRON C Hotel 82 Grece Rhodes Rhodes
CARINA C Hotel 108 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
CONGO C Hotel 57 Griechenlant Rhodos Rhodes
DIANA C Hotel 74 Greece Rodos Rhodes
EL GRECO C Hotel 142 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
ELIT C Hotel 98 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
EMPONA C Hotel 30 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
FEDRA C Hotel 120 Grecia Rhodos Rhodes
FLORA C Hotel 195 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
FLORIDA C Hotel 36 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
FOUR SEASONS C Hotel 68 Grecia Rodos Rhodes
GALAXY C Hotel 73 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
HELENA C Hotel 173 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
HERMES C Hotel 64 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
IMPALA C Apartments 58 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
INTERNATIONAL C Hotel 78 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
KALHLUA C Apartments 33 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
LEFKA C Apartments 31 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
LYDIA C Hotel 111 Griechenland Town Rhodes


C Hotel 147 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
MANISKAS C Appartamenti 46 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
MARIETTE C Apartments 54 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
MIMOZA C Hotel 117 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
MOSCHOS C Hotel 59 Grece Rhodos Rhodes
NAFSIKA C Hotel 70 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
NEW YORK C Hotel 49 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
NOUFARA C Hotel 86 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
PARTHENON C Hotel 150 Griechenland Rhodos Rhodes
PAVLIDES C Hotel 96 Greece Rhodos Rhodes
PEARL C Hotel 70 Greece Rhodos Rhodes
PHILOXENIA C Hotels 43 Greece Rodos Rhodes
RAINBOW C Hotel 164 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
ROYAL C Hotel 107 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
SANDY COAST C Apartments 54 Grecia Rodos Rhodes
SARONIS C Hotel 52 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
SAVOY C Hotel 83 Grecia Rhodos Rhodes
SEMIRAMIS C Hotel 230 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
SPARTALIS C Hotel 141 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
ST. ANTONIO C Hotel 82 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
STEVE C Apartments 28 Griechenlant Rhodos Rhodes
SUNNY C Apartments 34 Grecia Rodos Rhodes
SYLVIA C Hotel 77 Grece Rhodos Rhodes
TILOS C Hotel 39 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
VASSILIA C Hotel 77 Griechenland Rhodos Rhodes
VENUS C Hotel 101 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
VICTORIA C Hotel 63 Griechenland Rhodos Rhodes
VILLA RHODOS C Hotel 45 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
KYPRIOTIS C Hotel 480 Greece Rhodes Rhodes


E  category . All hotels  in  Rhodes  town Greece

N ame Kat Type Beds




VIA - VIA Ε Hotels 16 Greece Rodos Rhodes
SYMI Ε Hotel 12 Griechenland Rhode Rhodes
STATHIS Ε Hotel 14 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
S. NIKOLIS Ε Hotels 15 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
SPOT Ε Hotel 18 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
PHAROS Ε Hotel 20 Grecia Rodos Rhodes
NEW VILLAGE IN Ε Hotels 39 Griechenland Rodos Rhodes
ZEUS Ε Hotel 21


Rodos Rhodes
LIA Ε Hotel 16 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
LA LUNA Ε Hotel 18 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
ILIANA Ε Hotel 17 Grecia Rhodos Rhodes
ARIS Ε Hotel 29 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
CASTRO Ε Hotel 26 Grecia Rhodos Rhodes
DOMUS Ε Hotel 38 Griechenland Rhodos Rhodos
ATTIKI Ε Hotel 15 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
KRITI Ε Hotel 32 Greece Rhodes Rhodes


D. Category hotels  in  Griechenland Rhodos

N ame Kateg. Type Beds


location Municipality


Rhodos Rhodes
XANTHI D Hotel 40 Greece Rodos Rhodes
STAR D Hotel 36 Griechenlant Rhodes Rhodes
SOLARIS D Hotel 41 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
SEVEN PALMS D Appartamenti 36 Grecia Rhodes Rhodes
SEVA'S D Appartments 28 Greece Rhodes Rhodes
PARIS D Hotel 34 Grecia Rodos Rhodes
NISIA D Apartimenti 10 Griechenland Rhodes Rhodes
DORIAN D Apartments 34 Griechenlant Rhodos Rodos


Rhodes Rhodes

Luxury&A&B category Hotels of Rhodes town

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