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HILTON Rhodes Resort Hotel Hilton Rhodes Resort is one of the most luxurious Hotels on the Island of Rhodes. Set in extensive grounds and overlooking the Beach of Ixia, the Hotel is within easy reach of the cosmopolitan town of Rhodes.

kathara bay apartments

Kathara bay apartments


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De Luxe  5 stars Hotels  of   Ixia Beach Rhodos  Griechenland

N A M E Kat Accommodation Beds  Country,Greek islands Location Area Municipality
HILTON RHODES 5 stars Hotel 745 Grecia,Rodi       Ixia BEACH Ialyssos
METROPOLITAN KAPSIS ΑΑ Hotels 1288 Greece,Rodos Ixia BEACH Ialyssos
OLYMPIC PALACE ΑΑ Hotel 598 Grecia,Rodi Ixia BEACH Ialysos
MIRA-MARE WONDERLAND ΑΑ Hotel 350 Greece,Rhodes Ixia BEACH Ialyssos


Ixia BEACH Ialyssos



 A First  category Hotels of Ixia Beach  Rhodes Greece 4 stars hotels

N ame Kat. Accommodation Beds  Country,Greek islands location Municipality
APOLLONIA 4 stars Apartments 34 Grecia,Rodi       Ixia Ialyssos
BELAIR A Hotels 293 Greece,Rodos Ixia Ialyssos
BLUE BAY A Hotel 466 Grecia,Rodi Kremasti Ialysos
BLUE HORIZON A Hotel 412 Greece,Rhodes Beach Iallyssos
CARAVEL A Apartments 58


Ixia Ialyssos
COSMOPOLITAN A Hotels 686 Greece,Rhodes Ixia beach Ialyssos
DIONYSOS A Hotels 523 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
D' ANDREA MARE* A Hotel 154 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialysos
ELEKTRA PALACE A Hotels 561 Grecia,Rodi Ialyssos Ialyssos
ATLANTICA PRINCES A Appartamenti 248 Griechenland,Rodos Beach -Ixia Ialyssos
ELINA A Hotel 277 Grecia,Rodi Beach - Ixia Ialyssos
FILERIMOS ΙΙ A Hotel 206 Greece,Rhodes Kremasti Ialyssos
FILERIΜOS A Apartments 207 Grecia,Rodi Kremasti Ialyssos
FORUM BEACH A Apartments 506 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Beach Ialyssos
GOLDEN BEACH A Hotel 548 Grecia,Rodi Beach Ialyssos
GOLDEN BEACH II A Appartments 114 Greece,Rhodes Beach Ialyssos
IALYSSOS BAY A Hotel 419 Grecia,Rodi Beach Ialyssos
KOTINOS* A Apartments 34 Griechenland,Rhodos Ialyssos Ialyssos
LATIN BEACH A Apartments 88 Griechenland,Rhodos Beach Ialyssos
MARIBEL Α Apartments 40 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos-Kremasti Trianta
OCEANIS Α Hotel 447 Griechenland,Rhodos Kremasti Ialyssos
OSIRIS Α Apartments 63 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
PALEOS Α Appartments 52 Griechenland,Rhodos Ialyssos Ialyssos
RHODIAN BEACH RESORT Α Hotel 617 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
SEA MΕLODY Α Appartamenti 206 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos



B' Category hotels  of Ixia Beach  Rodi Grecia  3 stars Hotels

N ame Kat. Accommodation Beds Country Greek islands location Municipality
ALIA Β Apartments 36 Grecia,Rodi       Ixia Ialyssos
COSMOS Β Apartments 38 Greece,Rodos Ialyssos-Kremasti Ialyssos
EDEM Β Apartments 38 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
ELEONAS Β Apartments 72 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
FORUM Β Apartments 100


Ixia Beach Ialyssos
GALINI Β Apartments 58 Greece,Rhodes Trianta Ialyssos
IALYSOS CITY Β Appartments 46 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos-Kremasti Ialyssos
KASSANDRA Β Apartments 136 Greece,Rhodes Ρimini Ialyssos
LA ROSETA Β Apartments 24 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
LE COCOTIERS Β Apartments 90 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
LITO Β Hotel 196 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
MARITINA Β Apartments 48 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
MATOULA BEACH Β Hotels 68 Grecia,Rodi Ialissos Ialyssos
NIKI Β Apartments 22 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
PACHOS Β Apartments 44 Griechenland,Rhodos Kremasti Ialyssos


C . Category hotels  of Ixia Beach    Rodos Greece  Izola

N ame Kat Accommodation Beds  Country Greek islands location Municipality
ARLEKINO C Apartments 32 Grecia,Rodi       Beach Ialyssos
ANITA C Apartments 58 Greece,Rodos Ialyssos Ialyssos
ANIXIS C Apartments 79 Grecia,Rodi Ialyssos Ialyssos
BARBIE C Apartments 117 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
BARBIE II C Apartments 90


Ialyssos Ialyssos
BENELUX C Apartments 49 Greece,Rhodes Kremasti Ialyssos
BLUE EYES C Apartments 34 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
DEBBY C Apartments 37 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
IXIA C Apartments 69 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
ELENI C Hotels 28 Griechenland,Rodos Ixia Ialyssos
FILMAR C Hotels 86 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
ISKAS C Apartments 19 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
LIZA C Hotel 26 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
ARLEKINO C Apartments 32 Griechenland,Rhodos Beach Ialyssos
ANITA C Apartments 58 Grecia,Rodi Ialyssos Ialyssos
ANIXIS C Apartments 79 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
BARBIE C Apartments 117 Grecia,Rodi Ialyssos Ialyssos
BARBIE II* C Apartments Griechenland,Rhodos Ialyssos Ialyssos
BENELUX C Apartments 49 Griechenland,Rhodos Kremasti Ialyssos
BLUE EYES C Apartments 34 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
DEBBY C Apartments 37 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
IXIA C Appartments 69 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
ELENI C Hotel 28 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
FILMAR C Hotels 86 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
ISKAS C Apartments 19 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
LIZA C Hotel 26 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
KREMASTI MEMORIES C Apartments 53 Grecia,Rodi Kremasti Ialyssos
MARIETTAS' PARADISE C Apartments 45 Griechenland,Rodos Ialyssos Ialyssos
MICHAEL C Hotel 113 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
NATALIE C Hotel 40 Greece,Rhodes Ixia Ialyssos
PALMASOL C Hotel 80 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
ROMA C Hotel 52 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos
SANTA HELENA C Hotel 26 Grecia,Rodi Filerimos Ialyssos
TASIMARI C Apartments 51 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
TERINIKOS C Apartments 51 Grecia,Rodi Ialyssos Ialyssos
TRIANTA C Apartments 51 Griechenland,Rhodos Ialyssos Ialyssos
VERGINA C Apartments 28 Grecia,Rodi Ialyssos-Kremasti Ialyssos
WING C Apartment 40 Griechenland,Rhodos Ixia Ialyssos



D  category hotels  of Ialyssos Beach  Rhodes Greece

N ame Kateg. Accommodation Beds  Country  Greek islands Location Municipality
ALEXANDRA D Apartments 46 Grecia,Rodi       Ixia Ialyssos
CAZA MANOS D Hotel 26 Greece,Rodos Rhodes Ialyssos
HIPPOCAMPUS Δ Hotel 41 Grecia,Rodi Ixia Ialyssos
GREEN VIEW D Hotel 52 Greece,Rhodes Kremasti Ialyssos
KATIA D Apartments 65


Ialyssos Ialyssos
MYRTO D Apartments 15 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos-Kremasti Ialyssos
TAKIS D Apartments 20 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
RΟDINA'S APRTS D Apartments 48 Greece,Rhodes Ialyssos Ialyssos
VIVIAN D Apartments 26 Grecia,Rodi Rhodes Ialyssos


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