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Holiday apartments in Rhodes ,Kathara bay located in Faliraki beach


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Name Panorama Hotel
Location Genadi Village Rhodes island Greece

Snack Bar restaurant,Telephone,


Web site www.pytheas-travel.gr/panorama-hotel


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 A First  category Hotels in Kiotary Beach  Rhodes Greece 4 stars hotels

N ame Kat. Accommodation Beds  Country,Greek islands location Resort Municipality
KIOTARI BAY* A Hotel 340 Grecia,Rodi Kiotari South Rhodes
RODOS MARIS Α Hotels 690 Greece,Rhodes Kiotari South Rhodes
RODOS VILLAGE Α Hotel 604 Greece,Rhodes Kiotari South Rhodes
RODOS PRINCES Α Hotel 682 Griechenland,Rhodos Kiotari South Rhodes



B' Category hotels  in Kiotari  Rodi Grecia  3 stars Hotels

N ame Kat. Accommodation Beds Country Greek islands location Resort Municipality
AEKATERINI Β Apartments 48 Greece,Rhodes Kiotari South Rhodes
AMPELIA BEACH Β Hotels 70 Griechenland,Rhodos Genadi South Rhodes


C . Category hotels  in Southern  Rodos Greek  Izola

N ame Kat Accommodation Beds  Country Greek islands location Municipality
AMALIA C Hotel 34 Grecia,Rodi Apolakia South Rhodes
BETTY C Appartamenti 14 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
CHRISTIANA C Apartments 59 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
DOLFIN C Apartments 19 Griechenland,Rhodos Genadi South Rhodes
EVAGELOS C Hotel 38 Griechenland,Rhodos Genadi South Rhodes
GENNADI BAY C Hotel 72 Griechenland,Rhodos Genadi South Rhodes
GENNADI SUN C Apartments 23 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
GOLDEN SUN RISE C Hotel 81 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
KABANARIS BAY C Hotel 106 Griechenland,Rhodos Kiotari South Rhodes
KAMINDOS C Appartments 33 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
KIOTARI BEACH C Apartments 17 Grecia,Rodi Kiotari South Rhodes
MARITA C Apartments 28 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
OLYMPOS C Appartimenti 31 Greece,Rhodes Genadi South Rhodes
PANORAMA GENNADI C Hotel 47 Griechenland,Rhodos Genadi South Rhodes
TINA'S C Hotels 32 Griechenland,Rhodos Genadi South Rhodes
VILLA SYLVANA I C Apartments 9 Griechenland,Rhodos Kiotari South Rhodes
VILLA SYLVANA II C Apartments 15 Greece,Rhodes Kiotari South Rhodes


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