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lindos Hotels ,lindos Mare Hotel LINDOS  MARE 4stas Hotel

This secluded, boutique hotel is built on many different levels on the Sun-kissed hillside with panoramic views of beautiful Vlicha Bay, only 2,5 km from the picturesque village of  Lindos


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N ame Kat Accommodation Beds  Country,Greek islands location Municipality
LINDOS BAY A Hotel 364 Grecia,Rodi       Vlycha beach Lindos
LINDOS MARE A Hotel 236 Greece,Rodos Vlycha beach Lindos
LINDOS ROYAL VILLAGE A Hotel 106 Grecia,Rodi Vlycha beach Lindos
LINDOS STAR Β Hotel 100 Greece,Rodos Vlycha,bech Lindos
YIOTA Β Hotel 38 Grecia,Rodi Vlycha Lindos
LINDOS ROYAL VILLAGE I A Hotel 127 Greece,Rhodes Vlycha beach Lindos


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