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   Rhodos island in Dodecanece islands in Aegean Sea in Greece

The Ancient city of KAMIROS  in  Rhodes


                               Thirty kilometers west of the city of Rhodes  is Ancient Kamiros one of the three powerful cities in Rhodes, in ancient times.
        It was rediscovered in 1929 and has been called the Greek Pompeii because nobody knows why and how the city was deserted and buried.


        The Monastery of the Virgin Mary sits on the ruins of the third century BC temple of Athena, which sits on top of an even older temple. Most of the ruins are from the Hellenistic Era and include the city market and a Doric temple and arches.
          Many of the findings have been taken to the Louvre and the British Museum but will hopefully be returned one day. Write your local French and British congressman. There are also many pieces on exhibit in the archeological museum in the city of Rhodes.
               As you might expect the interior of the island is beach less   and so few tourists go there. Largely agricultural, if you want to 'get away' this is where to go. There are spectacular views along the road, small villages, old monasteries and even forests.

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